The federal budget

The Federal Government is addicted to overspending

Members of the US House of Representatives are pushing our country towards 22 Trillion Dollars of debt with no slow-down in sight.  This out-of-control spending makes us financially vulnerable to unfriendly countries that hold our debt as well as places a great burden on our children and grandchildren. This is unacceptable.

The budget cannot be balanced overnight. We must start now by setting priorities. Working toward a balanced budget will help unleash American Innovation and put America back on a fiscally responsible path. 

If I were elected to Congress, I would work with anyone who understands the importance of getting our spending under control and vote for a balanced budget. I would strive to implement regular oder and have the House of Representatives do their first job, which is to pass the 12 yearly spending appropriations. I would approach all spending decisions and tax questions in a fiscally responsible manner that is driven by the concerns and beliefs of the people of Utah.