National and border security

I believe three things must be done to ensure our sovereignty as a nation.

  1. The United States must build the wall on the Southern Border. A wall on our southern border will be the first step in fixing a pressing, ongoing humanitarian and national security disaster. We must be innovative and involve the best minds available for this massive project.  Citizen volunteers who are actively working to solve the border crisis with GoFundMe campaigns and humanitarian trips to the southern border must be included as well.   A physical barrier, more border patrol agents, high-tech border monitoring and a streamlined system to legally enter the USA, along with a strong application of our laws for those who try to enter the US illegally must all be part of the solution. 
  2. We must find and remove those persons already in the USA illegally. This is a crime that cannot go unanswered. Amnesty isn’t a choice. Sanctuary Cities cannot be allowed to exist. We need only look at San Francisco to see the debilitating effects of sanctuary city policies. 
  3. While I am a firm believer in the 10th Amendment and States Rights, I believe that government and law enforcement at all levels must work together to enforce the law. Anarchy rules when we are allowed to pick and choose what laws to follow. Success comes from working together.