As a result of Corona Virus concerns, the Utah state Republican party has postponed caucus night. State party leadership has had to make some difficult decisions. We commend them and support them at this difficult time. The state convention, scheduled to be held April 25, will be held virtually. The delegates elected in 2018 will continue to serve through this convention cycle. We know that nothing about the situation is ideal but there IS a plan in place that we support. We are using all available technology to reach out to delegates and I will still be traveling the district to knock on delegates’ doors, meeting one-on-one with as many delegates as possible. We will all learn how to elbow bump in greeting. Looking forward to listening to you!

Mary Will Go to Washington and Cut Spending

Eight years. We have been waiting eight years for Chris Stewart to keep his promise to get federal spending under control.

Not only has he not had a bill to cut even one penny of federal spending pass, in 2019 alone, he voted THREE TIMES to raise the debt ceiling!

Mary Burkett is a wife, mother and grandmother and she is running because she knows, as you know, that passing along our debt to future generations is wrong.

“I have vivid memories of my parents telling me and my three siblings that they had worked to make this country a better place for us and it was our responsibility to make the country even before before turning it over to our children and grandchildren.”

Further, Burkett said, “Here in Utah, we are taught from an early age that debt is bondage. To continue kicking the debt can down the road, is monstrous. A debt of $24,150,000,000,000 and counting, is like wrapping chains around future generations, making it impossible for them to grow and prosper like past generations”.

As a member of Congress, Mary will propose bills that cut spending and will start with these items:

  1. Sell the 77,000 vacant or underutilized buildings that the federal government owns.
    This will eliminate between $8 Billion and $21 Billion in maintenance costs.
  2. Cut the federal travel budget by 50%, use FaceTime, Skype and live streaming more. For instance, cut domestic special meals and incidental expenses per diem rates from $66 a day to $50 a day. Federal employees fly coach. They want to upgrade? They can pay for that themselves.
  3. Privatize Amtrak and US postal service
  4. Eliminate federal government money going to non-profit organizations like Planned Parenthood.
    “The only way to get out of this debt hole is to cut spending. There are no easy solutions but if we are serious about continuing to be a strong country and leave our children and grandchildren with choices, we must cut spending NOW. Will it be easy? No. But I am living proof that difficult and impossible are not the same thing”.
Mary's Mission

Mary Believes in Individual Responsibility and Accountability

As the single mother of six children, Mary attended the University of Utah and in just three years, started and finished a Bachelor’s degree. A college degree was key for her to reach the goal of working her way out of poverty. She believed then and still believes today that pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps is what we do in this country.

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