In light of the precautions taken to minimize the spread of Corona Virus, we will proceed to hold debates but will do so in smaller venues that hold a minimal number of people. Debates will be live streamed in an interactive format to be sure that anyone who wants to ask questions, has the opportunity to do so.
  • March 27, 2020/Washington County Library/Washington City Branch/220 North 300 East/Washington City, UT   6:30 pm

Friends and Delegates, my Congressional Campaign issued the following press release today concerning Congressman Chris Stewart’s refusal to debate prior to the caucus night and to allow the delegates and voters to hear from the candidates.  Read the release.  There will be debates whether Chris Stewart attend or not. We hope he attends.


For Immediate Release – March 3, 2020
Media Contact: Patrick Krason
Telephone: 202-417-7385
Mary Burkett is available for press interviews and inquiries.  Please contact Patrick Krason to schedule.

Utah Republican Candidate Mary Burkett’s Response to Congressman Stewart’s Refusal to Debate Prior to Caucus Night
Mary Burkett shared, “It is with frustration and dismay that I must inform the voters and delegates of Utah’s 2nd Congressional District that Congressman Chris Stewart has declined a written invitation to have two debates prior to the upcoming caucus night.  It is my belief that the delegates and voters should have the opportunity to hear directly from the candidates before they choose who to support.”

“With that said, I don’t give up easily.  Working with the other declared Republican candidates; I am working to schedule two debates before the caucus night.  It is sad that Congressman Stewart hides behind the Utah Debate Commission as an excuse not to debate.  It is sad Chris Stewart refuses to focus on his constituents in Utah.  It is sad, but not surprising, that Chris Stewart wants to hide from his voting record, a voting record he can’t defend in Utah 02.  
The debates being planned will be open to all of the FEC registered Republican Candidates in Utah CD 02.  We hope Congressman Stewart will take the opportunity to join us.  The voters deserve as much.”
More specific information concerning the debates will be release within the next week. 

Mary Burkett is running for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District on a platform that focuses on reducing the national debt, protecting life at all stages, and developing a comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes a physical barrier on the southern border.

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