The federal budget

The Federal Government is addicted to overspending

In 1796, George Washington, in his farewell address cautioned the fledgling nation about spending and debt, instructing future generations “not ungenerously (throw) upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear”. Avoiding debt was so important to the founders, that when Thomas Jefferson was President, he sold federally-controlled land to pay off debt. Andrew Jackson followed Jefferson’s lead to pay off debt as well.

Our beloved republic is $22T in debt and on its way to having $24T in debt! This number represents more than $68,000 on the shoulders of every man, woman and child in this country!

Jerry Newcombe, at, gave this illustration of how to think of just one trillion dollars. “I once heard a speaker give this illustration: If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a million seconds, when would I pay you? In 12 days. If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a billion seconds, when would I pay you? In 32 years. If I owed you $100 and said I’d pay you in a trillion seconds, when would I pay you? In 32,000 years.”

Imagine 22 of these!

Why is reducing debt and balancing the budget important? As reported in The Hill on September 28, 2018, “Almost ten years ago, Admiral Mike Mullen, then Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, did not identify an adversary nation or terrorist organization as the paramount threat to our country. He stated emphatically: ‘The most significant threat to our national security is our debt.’”

As other countries, particularly China, pursue plans to become the only world power, pulling the financial rug out from under us is not difficult because of this heavy debt load.

In 2012, Congressman Jason Chaffetz was demonized by liberals for proposing the sale of 77,000 empty and underutilized buildings owned by the federal government. The cost of maintaining those buildings is between $1.5 and $21 BILLION dollars. If we are spending even one penny each year to maintain these buildings, it is too much.

Privatizing both Amtrak and the Postal Service will save billions more each year. Will it be easy? No. It will not be easy. The swamp will want to hang onto anything that threatens it. Working with like-minded people, we will pare down the budget and get this country on the road to a balanced budget, removing our greatest vulnerability in national security. It will also increase our ability to respond to natural disasters, keep interest rates reasonable and safeguard the middle class, the very backbone of this country.

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