In 1776, the highest standard of living and personal freedom were found in the colonies.

As a result, King George treated the colonies as a modern-day ATM. The people of that day were keenly aware of how their hard work paid off and how wrong it was for a far-away government to make decisions that directly affected their lives.

Sound familiar? In today’s United States of America, we are living under a similar relationship with government. Nameless, faceless bureaucrats make decisions that affect our lives and limit our liberty every day and politicians continue to spend our children’s future.

Here in Utah, we know that debt is bondage.

“One has neither independence nor freedom from bondage when he is obligated to others”.
Gordon B. Hinckley

There IS good news. In fact, it’s great news. Like the colonists, we have control over our future. We make the decisions that put individuals into office and it is those individuals who have guided us to $22T in debt, soon to be $24T.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

We Americans are the movers and shakers, inventors and innovators of the world. If that was not true, we would no longer have other countries trying to steal our technology and flaunting our laws to come to this country at any cost.

My vision for our country is to limit government in our lives, to unleash the remarkable ability for Americans to solve problems and break the bands of bondage by eliminating debt.

With your help, your support, we can make it happen. You see, we are in this together and it is our ability to work together, our shared optimism that will accomplish great things!

“We don’t have a trillion-dollar debt because we haven’t taxed enough, we have a trillion-dollar debt because we spend too much”.
Ronald Reagan

A vision is important but a vision without a plan cannot produce results. This is where we start:

  • Get government out of the real estate business by selling or giving away the 77,000 vacant or underutilized buildings all over the country.
  • Get government out of the transportation business by privatizing Amtrak
  • Get government out of the postal business and privatize the Postal Service
  • Get government out of picking winners and losers in the non-profit sector by no longer giving grants and other forms of financial aid to Planned Parenthood
  • Cut federal employee travel budget by 75% of its present level and replace with technology, ie, Skype and Facetime
  • Begin scaling back the Department of Education with complete closure by December 31, 2022
  • Allow states to do more to meet challenges in the 50 states. Our own Governor Herbert recently wrote an Op-ed endorsing this approach

Getting government on track is like chopping down a great sequoia with an axe. Each stroke gets us closer to the goal of greater personal responsibility and personal liberty. I am asking you to allow me to grip that axe, inviting you to stand with me as we unleash our fearless approach to adversity and get government out of our lives to create a new era of personal responsibility
and prosperity.

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