Meet Mary Burkett Utah 2020 Congressional Candidate 2nd District

*Meet Mary Burkett Utah 2020 Congressional Candidate 2nd District. Join national political commentator and host of US National Elections Chauncey I. Brown III as we speak with 2020 US Congressional candidate Mary Burkett as she discusses her plan for Utah and the American people.  

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Meet the Utah Trump supporter running for congress in 2020 — who can't stand Mitt Romney


For Immediate Release – October 9, 2019
Media Contact: Patrick Krason
Telephone: 202-567-1171

Mary Burkett is available for all press interviews and inquiries.  Please contact Patrick Krason to schedule.

Utah Republican House Candidate Mary Burkett Calls on Senator Mitt Romney to end his personal vendetta against President Trump

Utah District 02 Congressional Candidate, Mary Burkett of St. George, announces today that she is calling on Senator Mitt Romney to end his personal vendetta and war of words against President Trump and begin working to unite, rather than divide, the Republican Party and America.

“Senator Romney’s attacks on President Trump are appalling.  He attacks the President’s personal style and behavior, but not the substance of what President Trump has achieved for America.  As a Senator who votes with the President 79.2% of the time, I wonder why Senator Romney feels it is necessary to further divide the country this way.

My mother used to say that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. With the amount of media attention Senator Romney receives, he should be using his platform to give support to the President’s agenda, work on uniting a fractured Republican Party, and help to begin healing the rift in American society.

I taught my children that real leaders lead by example, by their actions.  I expect as much from my Senator. As a man who spends a lot of time complaining about the lack of decorum shown by the President, I expect Senator Romney to exhibit some, even if he doesn’t personally like the man in the Oval Office right now.

Most Americans are well aware of the animosity between these two men. It is not appropriate for a sitting Senator to throw gas on the fire of conjecture and half truths in pursuit of winning his personal squabble with the President. Like the rest of us, he needs to give the time required to examine all of the facts and get to the truth.

Senator Romney was elected to represent the people of Utah. What he does in our name matters and affects every Utahan.

Senator Romney would do well focusing his energy on real problems in this country, particularly our out of control national debt, comprehensive immigration reform, and veterans’ issues.”

Mary Burkett is running for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District on a platform that focuses on reducing the national debt, protecting life at all stages, and developing comprehensive immigration reform plan that includes a physical barrier on the southern border.

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